A selection of writings on aspects of Scottish jazz history by contributors to the Scottish Jazz Archive. Where every effort is made to verify locations and dates referred to, any personal views and opinions remain those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the SJA.

An Outline of Traditional Jazz in Edinburgh Since 1945 (Blamire)

Platform (Blamire)

Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival (Medbøe/Blamire)

Edinburgh Jazz & Jive Club (Blamire)

Islay Jazz Festival (Medbøe/MacLean)

Mike Hart – An appreciation (Blamire)

The Guildford Arms Jazz Festival (Blamire)

Jim Young – An appreciation (Blamire)

Dave Keir – An appreciation (Blamire)

Jazz in Dundee in the 1960s (Forbes)

Jim Petrie – An appreciation (Blamire)

Early Glasgow jazz bands and personalities (Breingan)