We’ve been busy interviewing a number of musicians central to the building of Scotland’s jazz scene talking about their careers and the people and places that featured in them. You can browse them by clicking on the ‘interviews’ tab on the main menu.

We’re now keen to illustrate and contextualise these interviews with any memorabilia that you might have in the attic, the cellar or under your bed. Below is a list of local musicians mentioned across the interviews and we’re looking for photographs, press cuttings, audio recordings or anything else that might be relevant to those included. If you have anything that you’d be prepared to share with us please include them or a link to where we can download (Dropbox, Wetransfer etc) to:


To help us in our cataloguing, please include name of individual to which materials pertain in the file name. In the event that you don’t have digital versions, please write to us at the above email address and we’ll happily arrange to have materials digitised once we all emerge from social distancing. The below list is alphabetised by first name. We thank you in advance.

Al Fairweather
Alan Anderson
Alec Welsh
Alex Shaw
Ali Affleck
Andrew Lauder
Andy Hampton
Archie Semple
Archie Sinclair
Art School Jazz Band
Bert Murray
Beverley Knight
Bill Salmond
Bill Brydon
Bill Jones
Bill Kyle
Bill Munro
Bob Busby
Bob Craig
Bob Crenshaw
Bob Harley 
Bobby Wishart
Brian Keddie
Brian Kellock
Brian Shiels
Cam Robbie
Charles Alexander
Charlie Malley
Charlie McNair
Charlie Welch and Old Bailey Band
Chris Cooke 
Cliff Strachan
Climax Jazz Band
Clyde Valley Stompers
Criterion Marching Band
Dave Bachelor
Dave Keir
Dave Milligan
Dave Paxton
Dave Pinardi
Dave Strutt
Dave Swanson
David Hendry
David O’Donald
Davie Millen
Dean Kerr’s Dixielanders
Dick Stroak
Dizzie Jackson
Dizzy Jackson
Dougie Campbell
Dr McJazz
Esquire Jazz Band
Evan King
Fat Sam’s Band
Finlay Milne
Fionna Duncan
Forrie Cairns
Francis Cowan
Fraser Gauld
Fred Murray
George Crockett
George Duncan
George Gilmour
George Howden
George Kidd
George Penman
Gerard Dott
Gerry Rossi
Gordon Cruikshank
Gordon Dillon
Gordon Faultless
Gordon Fyfe
Graeme Robertson
Graham Blamire
Graham Murray
Graham Stark
Gus McKay
Hamish McGregor
Howard Copeland
Hugh Muldoon
Ian Anderson
Ian Benson
Ian Croal
Ivan Henderson
Jack Duff
Jack Finlay
Jack Graham
Jack St Clair
Jack Weddell
Jackie Graham
Jackie MacFarlane
Jake McMahon
Jazz Centre Society
Jim Young
Jimmy Galloway
Jimmy Garrison
Jimmy Gavin
Jimmy MacIntire
Jimmy Moonie
Jimmy Pennel
Jimmy Wood
Jock Miller
Jock Westwater
John Arthur
John Cumming
John Davis
John Rae
John Russell
John Semple
John Stevens
Johnnie Harper
Johnny McGuff
Julian Arguilles
Ken Ramage
Kenny Ellis
Ken Mathieson
Kenny Stewart
Kevin MacKenzie
Kit Carey
Konrad Wiszniewski
Lachlan McColl
Lorne Cowieson
Luca Manning
Maggie Nichols
Malcy Ross
Mark Saskins
Mervyn Morrison
Michael Buckley
Mike Hart
Mike Pollett
Mike Travis
New Society Syncopators
Nikki King
Norrie Anderson
Norrie Henderson
Norrie Thomson
Nova Scotia Jazz Band
Old Bailey band
Pat Smyth
Percy Penn (Pegg)
Pete Chilvers
Pete Kerr’s Jazz Band
Pete Martin
Phil Bancroft
Phil Mason
Richard Michael
Ricky Steele
Robert Henderson
Robert Pettigrew
Robin Galloway
Robin Harper
Roger Hanley
Roger Spence
Ron Elder
Ronnie Dunn
Ronnie Rae Snr.
Roy Percy
Ryan Quigley
Sandy Brown
Simon Carlyle
Sophie Bancroft
Southside Jazz Band
Spirits Of Rhythm
Stan Greig
Stu Ritchie
Tenement Jazz Band
The Eastcoast Jazzmen
The Ness Rhythm Kings
Tom Finlay
Tom MacNiven
Tom Mercer
Tommy Smith